2017 Finalists

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This year video submissions doubled for the 2nd Annual Winter Stoke, and we added a third venue to our traveling film festival, the Ute Theatre in Rifle, Colo. Now with three night's of films, we recognized a total of seven finalists. Our two youngest filmmakers, 12-year old Elijah LeBlanc and 13-year old Aidan Cocoran, received Honorable Mentions. Below are the seven finalists for the 2017 Winter Stoke Film Festival. 



Two-time Golden Boot Award Winner Russ Brown continues to churn out a steady stream of action-packed footage. His inspiration for "Throwing Down at Sunlight" was shredding with three of the top skiers on the mountain, including his son Hunter, and 8 inches of fresh pow..."it keeps me young!"




Our first-ever sledit filmed entirely on the Flat Tops. Just some friends out for some fun days riding. Fun Fact: The song was created by Adam's son Patrick who was 12 at the time.





A couple quick clips from last season with the boys. Was an awesome January shredding at Silverton, the local back country, Jackson Hole, and of course Sunlight Mountain. 




Jacques Houot is an 82-year-old cyclist and skier who should have been dead many times over. What's the secret to his longevity?




WinterFresh is a short teaser film about skiing at Sunlight Mountain Resort.





We are a group of friends who love to ski and snowboard. One day we all decided to go into the backcountry of Aspen Colorado to build a jump and get some good footage. Fun Facts: To leave we had to cross a small river and hike back for about an hour and a half.




A few clips of Logan’s 2017 season. Filmed mostly on Snowmass Mountain.


2016 Finalists

At our inaugural event, we proudly presented the first ever Golden Boot Awards to our selected finalists. Each also received a pair day passes to Sunlight Mountain Resort to film their next shred. Winners of the festival received season passes to Sunlight Mountain Resort to proudly tear up the powder all season long. Below are the seven finalists for the 2016 Winter Stoke Film Festival.

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Dreaming of Snow by Tasha Westbrook

Tasha Westbrook is currently a student in the Isaacson School at Colorado Mountain College. She enjoys filming and editing videos and going on adventures with friends and that’s what she tries to show in her videos. She is also an avid snowboarder and absolutely loves its. In her video, "Dreaming of Snow," she took old clips of her and her friend snowboarding and edited together.  She made this video because she missed the snow and can’t wait to get back on the slopes.  One could say she was been dreaming of snow, and what better way to get ready then to watch snowboarding videos to get pumped for the season.


Vintage Snow By Michelle Smith

Michelle Smith moved to the Rocky Mountains from the east coast in 2002 to pursue a lifestyle that revolved around a passion for challenging herself with mountain adventures. As she immersed herself into this lifestyle, she discovered that what engaged her the most was not her own quest, but the community and characters that she encountered in the mountains.

Redstone, population 130, relies on tourism to survive, yet its personality and sense of history thrives. In this video, Michelle walked its streets and explored the surrounding canyons and mountainsides in hopes of feeling the Redstone dream for at least a moment. This video shows what she found.


The "Revolution" by Joseph Thompson

Joseph Thompson is 13 years old and attends Riverside Middle School. He enjoys rock climbing, backpacking, skiing (obviously), playing the tenor sax, clarinet, and piano, and hiking 14ers. And he is pumpted to get the ski season started. His film is inspired by a video called "Centriphone" he saw on Youtube that uses an iPhone to experiment with a new perspective. Here is The "Revolution."


Sunny Laps BY Russell brown

Russell Brown was born in Glenwood Springs and is 60 years old. He’s worked for the local phone company for 31 years and currently coaches boys soccer at Glenwood High school in the fall and has been skiing every winter at Sunlight since 1972.

He is also often the first to be in line on a powder day and he can almost ways be found with his camera in hand to capture those "great moments on great days." In his film, Sunny Laps, he captures some spring skiing with his son Hunter and friend Luke. Here is Sunny Laps. 


THE Process BY Jesse Hoffmann

With partner and mentor Chris Davenport, Jesse Hoffman wanted to create a ski film that wasn’t just about ski porn — we wanted it to have soul. Why do people go to the mountains? There are reasons that reach beyond the climb, past the descent, and are far more important than the summit. Regardless of the grade, the elevation, or the name of any peak, we go to the mountains seeking a feeling; and no matter where or who we are, the feeling is the same. Whether people are on the highest mountain in the world or at the local hill back home – we go for The Process.     It’s not about the sponsors, athletes, or locations. It’s about the motions, senses, and feelings one gets when going out into the mountains. Regardless of whether you’re skiing for the first time or for your 40th season, the feeling is universal. 


So Much to Smile About BY Lyle Call

Lyle Call is 17 years old and has lived in Glenwood Springs all his life. He has been snowboarding for nine years and absolutely loves it. He also really enjoys creating short snowboarding films and likes sharing his adventures in a creative way. 

He and his friends have been snowboarding at Sunlight for years and they have created a YouTube page where they post all of their edits. After hearing about the film festival, he knew it would be a perfect opportunity to share some of his work. 



Nine inches over night BY russell brown

Russell Brown was born in Glenwood Springs and is 60 years old. He’s worked for the local phone company for 31 years and currently coaches boys soccer at Glenwood High school in the fall and has been skiing every winter at Sunlight since 1972.

In this second entry of his, he highlights one of his favorite things...skiing some powder!